Bliss Gould.

Bilingual Education.

For Bliss Gould, the most important thing is that our children’s families feel happy with the work and care we do with them every day, helping them achieve their goals through fun and creative learning experiences. Many families over the years have been very grateful and satisfied with our work, as an example you can read them and feel comfortable contacting any of them.

Conscious Discipline

Conscious discipline integrates social-emotional learning, discipline, and self-regulation. It is based on making life predictable for our children, establishing limits that strengthen their safety.

Experiential Learning

It is an approach that aims to learn from experience, through which children build their own knowledge, enhance their skills and enhance their values with all the senses, where the student is fully involved in the task of knowing, knowing and research.

Pedagogy with Love

It is an educational style that every educator should have. Its fundamental axis, “love”, constitutes one of the basic pillars on which education must be based, so that the educator has an empathetic response to the child in different circumstances.

Our values

Our educational model has a pedagogical approach based on values for your personal development.

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Our Health and Safety Practices

Security controls

Regular wellness checks are done all day day to detect and prevent the spread of disease. If a kid is unwell, parents will be contacted to pick it up immediately.

Temperature control

We screen all children for temperature and obvious symptoms upon arrival.

Security Practices

Cleaning and hygiene practices (such as frequent hand cleaning), regular sanitization and disinfection of surfaces and elements in classrooms.

Healthy nutrition

We continue to serve healthy meals and snacks to our children.

Limited access

To stop the spread of germs and control the size of the group.
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