BG Infant Program: (6 weeks – 1 year )

Extracurricular activities that promote the training of children in their growth and allow them to explore their skills and abilities in various areas. Hours from 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. We have the following areas

BG Spanish Class

With the help of extraordinary Spanish-speaking educators and experience in the language, we will help your children, through private classes with a small group of children, to write and read in Spanish quickly.

BG Music Class

Music has proven to be more than an art, it allows an exponential cognitive development. Children will have the joy of learning about the world of music through recreational games with rhythms, sounds and various activities that will bring them an unforgettable experience.

BG Dance Class

Dance is natural in the human being, children will have the opportunity to get to know their body through dance movements, expanding their flexibility and increasing their physical condition, specialists in this area have great experience where they will provide support and security at home step. of the kids.

BG Ecology

Our children and babies will have the opportunity to learn how we should take care of the environment around us, implementing classes through educational games using the methodology of the three Rs “reduce”, “recycle” and “reuse”. Following the UN agenda of the 2030 development plans, the implementation of ecological education will be essential for the new generations, we have to take care of our planet so that there is a better future and this begins with education at home and the first steps at school. The stage 0 to 3 years is the most decisive of the life of the human being in all senses; It is the time when the foundations of mental health are laid for life. It is also the stage in which the internal pattern of relationship with others and the world is established. Everything that happens in these years has enormous importance at the level of physical, emotional, mental and social health of people. (included in our daily program)

BG Petzoo

Children will have the opportunity to come into contact with animals (domestic or farm animals), with the possibility of enjoying this experience with the idea of learning to care for fauna and knowing the importance they have for nature. Contact with animals brings benefits in children to raise their level of self-esteem, their company allows the release of serotonin (hormone of emotions) increasing the feeling of happiness, improves their creativity and social relationship with other people. . (included in our daily program) Participants in this program will have the care and protection of specialists in the area and with the necessary equipment to carry out the activities.Only children who have their parents’ authorization will participate.