BG Infant Program: (6 weeks – 1 year )

The youngest members of the family receive personalized care by early stimulation specialists to develop the areas of psychomotricity, cognition, language and socialization, through games and exercises in a warm and trusting environment. We are more than a nursery, babies will be safe, protected and happy in the classroom. Warm and caring teachers bond and develop trust with children. Our room is equipped with quality items and toys for our children to reach each stage of development.

BG Babies' Hall

Learning and development is organized according to age is a shoeless environment designed for baby explorers, in our room you will notice that we only use disposable socks or booties. When your baby begins to crawl and slide, it’s important to give her the freedom to explore. A shoe-free environment keeps little hands and mouths safe from germs and dirt as they discover the world around them.

Free and clear cribs

We keep cribs free of items like pillows and toys and use a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. Our cribs are personalized with your baby’s name and photo.

Flexible feeding times to suit your baby's needs

Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, we’ll keep your baby fed, happy and healthy. We have policies to carefully label and separate breastmilk and formula, so you can always take a break to feed your baby.

What is a BG Babies' Day like?

In our baby room we follow the daily rhythm of each baby, regardless of their routines, they will have time to meet in a group with their other classmates and play in the spaces outside the room, for BG the relationship with nature and the environment is important environment around us. Where nature will be involved as part of its growth and development. Every day will be different and so much fun.

BG Infants Program

Each stage of children is important for BG, we have a learning plan created exclusively for them, babies are at the stage to learn and establish bonds with people. BG provides a study program for them to develop their minds and meet the developmental needs of this age group.

The power of language

In our classroom BG uses the Power of Language in a meaningful and intentional way. We do many activities in Spanish, we read books only in Spanish and sing songs daily, we talk to him and make sounds, we name all the objects in the classroom in Spanish.

Beginning of a Great Relationship

BG teachers help babies in creative development through the sense of touch, Babies communicate with adults through their eyes, body movement, cooing, babbling, when the teacher sings he uses sounds, facial expressions or movements body parts to express emotions to babies. Emotional security is very important for babies. That is why at BG we give them a lot of pampering so that they feel safe.

Build My Brain

At BG Build My Brain, in a meaningful and intentional way. We implement effective strategies in the classroom. Early experiences affect the architecture of the brain and determine long-term outcomes in health, learning, and behavior. Our BG teachers are change agents for children’s healthy brain development and lifelong wellness. We practice memory skills, Serve and return activities where the 5 senses are involved.