BG Young Toddlers (1 – 2 years)

The children at this start to look for what they like and find it amazing from drawing, letters and playing all the time, the BG teachers will accompany them in this process to help them and to explore what The older toddlers are in a very important state in their lives. With each skill mastered, a new stage begins! They are usually full of energy, talk more, relate to others and solve problems. At this stage we help develop their independence. BG offers many opportunities to explore and experience indoor and outdoor activities, older toddlers are delightful as they take an active interest in the world around them. interested in always taking care of your safety at every step.

BG Older Toddlers' Hall

The physical environment of a classroom plays a very important role in children’s learning. BG offers a warm, attractive and welcoming space for children to feel safe and loved, which helps them also feel comfortable while exploring, trying new things and learning different skills, they are carefully designed learning spaces where they communicate to children that they belong and are valued members of our classroom community. BG uses materials that represent the culture and characteristics of each child, each family, and each educator. We hang photos of the families and our selection of books in Spanish represent the diversities help create an environment that reflects everyone. The materials we use in our classroom are based on the different sensory needs of children. All materials are located in accessible places and within the reach of children.

What is a BG Young Toddlers' Day like?

It’s never too early to start helping kids build stronger, smarter brains. Simple, everyday moments like talking, playing and reading make a difference. Our BG teachers set up daily activities that include group time, story time, outside games, meals and snacks, naps, and most of all, lots of playtime (because we know a lot is learned when playing with caring teachers nearby). See a sample daily program.